City of Abilene Sales Tax Revenue for Economic Development 

FY16 - September 2019

Updated on 09/19/2019

Source: City of Abilene

Sales Tax Revenue

City of Abilene

  The total sales tax rebate for September which represents July sales is $3,986,617.81.  This is 11.01% above last year and 11.02% above the projected FY 19 budget amount.

  The total sales tax rebate was breakdown into

  1. General Fund                         $ 2,989,963.36

  2. Economic Development        $    996,654.45

Of this rebate, $236,239.32 is from prior periods, audit payments, future payments, and unidentified payments.

For the period of 2019 fiscal year, October 2018 through September 2019, sales tax is 2.49% above last year and 1.18% above the approved FY19 budget amount.

The details were provided by the state.

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